AND1 Xcelerate Rubber Basketball: Game Ready, Regulation Size 7 (29.5”) Streetball, Made for Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Games- Black Camo

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AND1 XCELERATE RUBBER BASKETBALL AND1 is designed for the game of basketball Enjoy the AND1 Xcelerate Rubber Basketball season after season The game ready official NBA size ball (29 5”) comes inflated and can be used right out of the box Whether you’re playing a pickup game at the park going 1v1 at the gym or practicing your free throw shots in your driveway this basketball is made for playing with indoors and outdoors The AND1 Xcelerate basketball is made from high quality rubber material and is designed to withstand wear and tear This basketball is a great choice for casual basketball players or competitive athletes of all levels It is a slam dunk gift for kids teens and adults alike It’s time to take your game to the next level with AND1’s Xcelerate Rubber Basketball BRAND STORY The road to success is riddled with the ones who gave up when the going got tough We can see them in our rearview mirror as we make our way to take back what’s rightfully ours a stake in the game of basketball No matter how long it takes we will chip away until hard work determination conviction or gravity paves the way for our majestic comeback Because giving up is not an option for AND1 BORN FROM THE STREETS
  • OFFICIAL SIZE BALL: The AND1 Xcelerate rubber ball is regulation size 7 (29. 5”) and weight with easy to palm grip
  • PLAY ANYWHERE: Made for indoor and outdoor use, designed for the game
  • FLAT CHANNEL CONSTRUCTION: Enhanced pebbling that improves ball grip and control for dribbling and shooting
  • DURABILITY: Made from high quality rubber material, AND1 basketballs are built to last and withstand wear and tear
  • GAME READY: Ships inflated and can be used right away, for ages 12+